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Letting the work speak for itself.

A new beauty product line from aerie, Minimal-ish.

Client: American Eagle

We worked with Elizabeth Arden to develop brand guidelines.

Client: Elizabeth Arden

Internal visual language for use across the Facebook Application.

Client: Facebook App/Meta

In May of 2021, we worked closely with Game Seven Marketing team on their "Written By" Series for APAHM.

Client: Facebook

Introducing - P E R S I A N  A B C 's - Made for families (Iranian or not) who don't read or write  Farsi, loves Iranian food because it = love.

Client: Sunny Shokrae/Abrams

Money Diaries, the breakout series from Refinery29, offers readers a revealing and often surprising look at the personal finances of others.

Client: Refinery29 + Lindsey Stanberry

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"Ocean Heroes empowers emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution."

Client: Lonely Whale

Collaborating closely with the founder of Petite PWR (formerly known as Smalletics).

Client: April & Jenn Whitney

OH-WAKE Mag is a youth-led publication that is written for and by youth activist fighting todays climate emergency. 

Client: Lonely Whale x HP

A compilation of the work of Danielle Levitt, designed into a promotional photography booklet.

Client: Danielle Levitt

An experiential online platform for content creators to engage with a small group of participants to teach.

Client: Third Place

Branding Identity for a Digital Strategy Agency out of London/Wales, helmed by Lydia Pang & Sam Jackson. 

Client: Morning

Refinery29 x Gucci Sunglasses

Branded content custom product feature for Gucci x Refinery29, promoting Gucci’s Spring 2018’s Sunglasses collection.

Client: Refinery29 


Seasonal marketing campaign production design for every drop of the Split59 collection.

Client: Steffy Lizi Beuwens

Cinta Rebrand

Rebrand Logo & Visual Identity for UK-based fashion label, Cinta.

Client: Alexandra Cronan

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