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OH-WAKE Magazine +

OH-WAKE Media Site

Magazine Design + Layout + Site Design

Spanning over 4 Issues, OH-WAKE Mag is a youth-led publication that is written for and by youth activist fighting todays climate emergency. 

Now Launching : 

OH-Wake Media is a network backed by Lonely Whale and creative agency, 52HZ, that spans across all channels, time zones, and geographies with one priority in mind: to make the voices of young leaders heard. Check out for more info!

Previously in partnership with HP, OH-Wake Media is now looking for new sponsorship with like-minded brands dedicated to fighting plastic pollution.

Issue 01: Ocean Plastics

Issue 02: Land-Based Solutions To Climate Change

Issue 03: Marine-Based Solutions To Climate Change

Issue 04: Only One Earth



Lonely Whale x HP

2021 | 2022


CD: Harry Bernstein

CEO: Dune Ives

CoFounder: Lucy Sumner

Production: Kate Greenberg

OH WAKE Site Design MVP

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