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Facebook App Visual Systems Framework

Visual Systems Guidelines + Visual Systems Assets

In continuation of the Visual Systems Framework, in 2022 we created a series of scanner drag, visually melting creative assets to be used internally amongst the VS team. 

At the end of 2019, we worked with the Facebook App team to conceptualize what the app's visual language framework would look like outside of the overall Facebook brand. We used the in-product application to visualizing and differentiate the look and feel of the in product application from the other brand tentpoles.



Facebook APP

2019 | 2022


CD: Toby Kaufmann

AD: Kaitlyn Flanagan

AD: Lorenna Gomez

PM: Karina Dearwood

Production: Mary Clancey Pace at Henstooth Productions

 1. Concept: Stickering.

Utilizing the colorful brand dots and cutout shapes in a Baldessari-esque way, to visually brand the supplied imagery.

2. Concept: Illustrative.

Creating an illustrative brush-like style to apply over top the supplied imagery, creating whimsical movement throughout static images.

3. Concept: Collage.

Adding a cut-out textural element within the supplied imagery, giving flat images dimensionality and depth.

4. Concept: Gradient.

Applying a soft colorful gradient over top or set behind a siloed image to give the supplied images an ambient cohesive look and feel.

2022 Visual Systems Asset Creation

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