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In Concept: Persian ABC's Totes

Second Edition Out Now!


Author: Sunny Shokrae

Design & Illustration: Ly Ngo Heisig

Persian ABC's

Book Design + Illustration

Introducing - P E R S I A N  A B C 's - Made for families (Iranian or not) who don't read or write  Farsi, loves Iranian food because it = love, and want to continue to pass along that love/joy. Limited to 500 copies and each comes with a 4x6 sticker sheet. If you're a food enthusiast without kids, you might like it too. ENJOY.

Can also be found at:
Los Angeles in NowServing
Pennsylvania in NooksBooks

Portland in Merci Milo

San Francisco in Black Bird Bookstore

NYC in AsiaStore at Asia Society



Sunny Shokrae

2021 | 2022 | Coming Soon 2023

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